6 Tips For Trading In Your Car – Get The Deal You Want
Published On: September 20, 2018

These aren’t just your basic 6 tips for trading in your car, this is a guide to land the best deal possible with your trade. Your time is important to you and so it is to any car dealership, or at least should be.

Let’s face it, The process of trading in your vehicle is usually dreaded and not the most positive experience the majority of the time. This is just one of the main reasons the Trade In Gurus App was created.

The goal for this app is to Change the Auto industry in a very positive way while giving the consumer a better way of trading in their vehicle.

So I couldn’t begin to give you the 6 tips for trading in your car without mentioning the most effective and innovative tool you could possibly utilize to get the best deal possible.


1. Separate the Trade and Purchase Negotiations

Probably the strongest tip in this article giving you the best leverage over all by separating the trade negotiation from the initial negotiation. This is where the Trade In Gurus app comes in to be very resourceful.

It gives you more options by flipping your advantage and giving you the leverage you need to find the best deal possible with your trade. Most people drive their trade to the dealership with no sort of preparation more than likely leaving money on the table.

2. Evaluate Your Trade

So many people just go at trading their vehicle blindly and either not receiving the best offer or ask way more than the value of the trade. Having better knowledge about the worth of your trade in is crucial to the leverage you will have when bargaining.

There are quit a few websites to punch in your cars details to have a good estimate for your vehicle. Make sure you fill it out as precise as you can to match your car description including correct year, miles, trim line, options, and condition to have the most accurate estimate.

Kelly Blue-book’s website is probably the most well known and popular place

to evaluate your trade. Just to have a more pinpointed estimate you could use a combination of various sites that give you this type of information.

Either way, evaluating your trade properly is just good procedure and can give you more options as well.

3. Chose From Multiple Offers

Too many time we want to just drive to the first dealership we find and say, “Here’s my trade. Let’s make a deal.” In doing so we loose¬† with the negotiation leverage.

You will hear me repeat about maintaining leverage any way possible. This is also an awesome way to utilize the Trade In Gurus App and use it for your advantage.

Submitting your trade to as many dealerships as you would like is a breeze with this app making the value of your trade work for you instead of the apposite.

4. Prepare Your Car

Preparing your car for the trading process is probably the most important part of trading and getting the best deal possible. I know you don’t normally give a car your about to trad in a brand new paint job, however touching up paint dings along with something as simple as having scratches buffed out can go a long way in the eyes of your trade appraiser.

Cleaning and having it detailed is among these tips and something I would not leave out because it not only can help you gain a better trade deal, but makes the initial car swapping process easier for you.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping this step because it usually easy and highly beneficial so try not to overlook this one.

5. Receipts For Repairs

Another crucial part of the process is having all the receipts for any repairs, enhancements, and documents such as warranty or special documents that relate to the vehicle.

An up-kept vehicle say a lot for resale and gives more value to the vehicle all around. Anything that could help with the validation of the up-keep will help you with the negotiation leaning to your favor.

This tip will back you up with your knowledge of correct repairs and timely service on the vehicle.

6.Negotiate With The Decision Maker

Another great tip would be to always negotiate with the exact person who is the final decision maker.

This always seem to get your voice heard loud and clear all the while speeding up the process as well because we all know time is important to both parties.

Speaking and dealing with the main decision maker is important during the negotiation of the trade as well as the initial negotiation.

With the Trade In Gurus app the trade negotiation is already established and there should be no problem reaching your decision with this portion of the deal.

More About The Trade In Gurus App

With technology excelling every day we are always improving the way things are done. That’s why The Trade In Gurus app is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone looking to trade in a car.

Having the ability to choose the best offer for your trade gives you not only better and more options but is such a value that you don’t want to miss such an opportunity.

After you download the Trade In Gurus app the options for submitting and choosing where you trade your vehicle are right in the palm of your hands. The user friendly navigation of the app make it a breeze to search for a vehicle to purchase while weighing your trade options.

So this isn’t one of the official 6 tips for trading in your car but it can be the most useful tip especially if you want to flip to the advantage that gives you the leverage you need in searching for the best deal you could possibly get out of your trade.

Be prepared for anything and everything by fallowing these powerful 5 tips for trading in your car and get the deal YOU want.