Best Way to Buy a Used Car During Pandemic Struggles

Best Way to Buy a Used Car During Pandemic Struggles

Here is a little about the best way to buy a used car during pandemic struggles:

Buying a new car is a pretty big deal for a person; the thrill of looking at various options, discussing the price with the dealer and trying their best to bring it down; every aspect of the process is so enticing. But Covid-19 has changed the game and pretty much all the defining elements of the process with it. Despite the fact that vaccination has been prepared and administered in most parts of the world, Covid-19 is here to stay, and social distancing and other precautions are still in effect.

Among the sectors that have taken the most vicious hit from this pandemic are industrial practices, including manufacturing, designing and mass production of utilities. The automobile industry is also among those businesses that have been brutally upset by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Buying a car during Covid-19—should you go for it, or is it better to hold off?

Well, it all comes down to your personal preferences and how bad you need a new or used car. If you can wait it out or get by with an old vehicle at the moment, then it is advised to lay off of buying a new one. OR if you have been a victim of job loss, reduction in your monthly income or some other calamity, then you shouldn’t engage in a bulky transaction.

The general trend at the moment is that the prices of both the new and used cars have been jacked, which means that you are less likely to find a car at its original price point and would be paying about 33% more on average in these distressing times of Covid-19. The interest rates on these cars have also been increased, which can rid you of a substantial amount of money over your loan’s life.

Online automobile trend is booming.

Most of the dealerships have already moved from physical offices to online channels, selling and buying cars through the internet. This is done to maintain social distancing and to promote the e-commerce side of the automobile industry. Of those dealerships that remain open even in these crucial times must be getting by using an appointment-only basis or operating at a reduced capacity. The contact between the customer and salesperson is also limited as most deals are being cracked by dealers, which is not always a great deal for both parties involved. These are some of the known Pandemic struggles that struggle around the purchase and sale of cars at the moment.

Used vs new cars; what you need to know?

When it comes to buying new vs old cars, it is all subjective and depends on the person engaged in this transaction. According to most people, it is best to buy a new car as this way you are not buying a load of repair related problems for you. But according to experts, the new car loses about one-third of its value by the time you drive it off from the dealer’s place.

However, buying a used car means that you are not being made into a victim of depreciation and are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. There are some risks involved with buying used cars, too, and that is why it is best to remain in touch with an authenticated dealership rather than signing the deal off with an individual seller. The very reason is that these dealerships have certain procedures in place to verify the integrity of the vehicle and its performance, so you will most certainly know what you are getting into with this deal.

Things to consider before making a deal

To be able to score an ideal deal that works best for your position, there are some things that you need to do. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you are interested in; as long as you are in between this Covid-19 intrigued price vertigo, you need to understand the following things;

  1. You need to make a decision about the type of car you want. This is not limited only to the make and model but also to your favourite features and things that you want to include in the car. Most of this process can be completed online, so there is not much leg work involved.
  2. If you are in love with a specific car and are adamant about getting only the particular model, then you are putting yourself at the mercy of the dealer. Stick with the model and make of the car you want and try to resist the incoming deals thrown over at your side by the dealer as it will give an impression that you are not that interested, and eventually, the dealer will cut some of the prices down.
  3. To combat the declining sales, many dealers would welcome price negotiations with open arms. Engaging in a car purchase at an unusual time doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to negotiate; even if it feels that the dealer before you is not a big fan of negotiation, you should do so anyway.
  4. Remember to get the terms of the deal in writing because if you don’t, it means that the deal’s contents promised to you on the phone might not hold any value once you are sitting with the dealer in the showroom. Before even verbally agreeing to anything, it is important that you get the terms of the deal in writing, and if this is not going to be the case, then it is best to just walk away. Knowint that These are just a few things to consider about the best way to buy a used car during pandemic struggles. There is a better way…..

Best way to buy a car post-Covid-19

The trade-in Gurus app is your ultimate dealer presenting you with some of the best car deals for both used and new vehicles. It is safe for you to use the app as all the prices and information about the car listed there is 100% authentic, and you get to make price offers, and if these are acceptable by the dealer, then it means your dream car is on the way.

Surf through hundreds and thousands of vehicles with more added every day, make up your mind about a particular one and then sign off the deal. Buying a car post-Covid-19 has never been this easy as it is now by surfing right through these Pandemic struggles and buying a car for yourself with the trade-in Gurus app. So know that you know the best way to buy a used car during pandemic struggles, let’s put it into action!

When Should I Trade in My Car?

When Should I Trade in My Car?

The age old question; When Should I Trade in My Car?  That’s the question many car owners ask themselves once they feel an urge to buy a new car. If you have an older car that is already past its run time, you may start thinking about how you can easily afford a new one. In another situation, maybe you still owe on your car and wondering if trading it in is a wise option.



Just as buyers are waiting for the best time to buy a car, the same can be applied to their trade-in. If you do it at the right time, you may get a profit your car actually deserves. Many factors affect the trade-in price in general. And perhaps, knowing about some of these factors can help you when looking to trade in your car.

Should I Trade-In My Car?

This is usually the first question most vehicle owners ask.  After all, most car owners believe that the easiest way to make a profit on their pre-owned car is to sell it rather than trading it for a new car. Yet, you should think about a few fair points when deciding whether you should sell your vehicle separately or trade in for a new one.

Missed Tax Benefits

The potential tax saving is the most significant benefit when you are planning to trade in your car. For the places with a state sales tax, a credit is applied to your new car’s sales tax if you happen to trade in your vehicle at the same place where they purchase a new vehicle.

Irritating Documentation

When you are selling your car, you are mostly responsible for getting the paperwork, such as the vehicle’s title and registration. For an inexperienced seller, this could become a pretty frustrating and tedious process. Whereas, when you trade-in your car, the dealership usually takes care of the paperwork.

Selling Your Car Separately Usually Takes Longer

Selling a car typically takes weeks, especially if your vehicle needs repair. It is like you are in charge of everything from creating an ad to negotiating the price to preparing paperwork and everything in between. On the flip side, a trade-in takes place without any stress or fuss.

When car owners are planning to trade in their vehicles, these are some common questions they have in mind:

  • What is the best mileage level for a trade-in?
  • What is the best time of the year to trade-in?
  • What is the best age of the car to trade-in?

What Is the Best Mileage Range for A Trade-In?

When considering trading in your vehicle, you should keep the following three milage ranges in mind.

30-40K miles

At this point, your car will begin to depreciate faster. This is when your new car’s warranty usually ends, and this also when most new cars need their wear items replaced. So, the closer your car is to this milage range, the more desirable it is to trade it in.

60-70K miles

Depending on how much you drive, a car at this mileage range is typically 3-5 years old and most likely has been sent many times to a local mechanic for routine or not-so routine service. The value of a vehicle clearly goes down as the miles pile up. So, when considering trade-in options, car owners should think about this.

100K miles

At this milage, most cars are not in pristine conditions. Even though hitting this mileage is now not considered an automotive death, thanks to modern manufacturing, this is about the right time for car owners to start thinking about a trade-in.

What Is the Best Time of The Year to Trade in My Car?

Is there even the best time to trade in a car? Well, mainly in the first two quarters of the year, values are higher with a considerable drop in the final two quarters. Obviously, the value also depreciates if your car is old. But other factors keep the values higher early in the year.

Firstly, the market is flooded with buyers early in the year. Therefore, dealerships require more cars to feed the demand. Also, a second-hand car does not lose its new touch when it is more than eight months away from turning a model year older rather than just 3 or 4 months away. These are some valuable things to keep in mind when you are looking to time your trade-in.

What Is the Best Age of The Car to Trade-in?

Clearly, newer is better. If you have a car that has only been used for a few months, it will hold more value. By the time your vehicle is 5 years old, its residual value has likely dropped considerably.

When a car is between 5-7 years past its model year, the drop in the value usually slows and settles. The point is, if you haven’t traded in your car during this period, there is no point to do it before it turns 8. Typically, you will be able to get about the same amount of money back as long as the mileage hasn’t depreciated its value. So, just relax, and consider taking that extra time to save the amount you need to make a down payment for your new car.

Trade-In Gurus App—How Can It Help to Trade-In Your Car?

Trade-in Gurus app provides car owners a platform where they can control the trading of their vehicles themselves. The users can submit their trade to as many dealers as they want. Not only that, but they can also view inventories and message the dealers from the app.

With the Trade in Gurus app, you can digitalize your car trade-in with ease. It is a convenient, better, and less time-consuming way to seal your deals.


Deciding whether to trade in your car or wait can be a tough decision, full of odds and risks. Therefore, it is always better to weigh the facts before you decide on a trade-in. I hope this sheds some light on the age old question; When should I trade in my car?

How to Get a Better Trade Value on Your Car

How to Get a Better Trade Value on Your Car

Want to know how to get a better trade value on your car? Let’s dive in….

At times it might become of the essence that you buy a new, more robust, and fuel-efficient vehicle to replace the current one that you have and is lacking in all these aspects. But even so, you have to do something about your current vehicle. The most practical way of getting rid of your present vehicle is trading in your car at a dealership; not only is it easier and convenient, but it can also help you to get a better value deal than trying to sell your vehicle on your own.


But trading in is not that easy; there are things and elements that you need to account for and try to come around on their better side so you can get the top-dollar trade-in value for your car. To be able to boost your trade value, you need to get around any possible mechanical damages in your vehicle, maintaining its performance and giving some focus to the bodywork if your car is in imminent need of it and such. Anyway following are some of the steps using which you will be able to get a better trade value for your car;

Do your research

The first thing that you need to do is to get around some homework that includes finding the current trade-in value for your car, as it would help you understand where you stand. A key point to stick with here is not to sell your car on your own, as you would get less trade-in value for your car this way. Trade-in Genius is a great and exciting app that helps you to get the most auspicious lock on your car’s trade-in value and find dealers in a matter of seconds to close the deal.

There is no need to go talk with a dealer about chipping your car in until you have estimated the trade-in value of your car and have done the relevant fixtures to bump it up a little.

Get rid of the mechanical issues ASAP.

You must never let the idea slip out of your mind that the physical as well as mechanical condition of your car, are the real accelerators of its trade-in value. That is why it is important to get things sorted before talking with a dealer, assess the body of your car and all that can be fixed on it, such as paint job, denting, and detailing. Once done with the physical side of things, jump ecstatically towards the mechanical issues and get these sorted; start with the ones that are easily fixable.

Remember any dealer booking your car is to account for the physical as well as the mechanical condition of the vehicle when assigning a trade-in value. If they get around a faulty AC system or the oil change blinker blinking like crazy on the dashboard, they will assume the worst and bid accordingly. That is why consider taking a trip to your current repairman and getting various aspects of your car fixed if something seems to be out of order; it will really boost the trade-in value of your vehicle.

Don’t fixate on one trade-in value.

Before you engage with a dealer whom you are going to offer your present car and get a new one, it is important to get as many trade-in quotes from various dealerships as possible. The very reason is that it is not worthy of fixating on a specific one-time hit of a trade-in value and then chipping in your car for that while you could get some incredible price for it down the road.

Do your research, take multiple quotes from different dealerships and then go with the one offering you the best and taking care of the process in an upfront manner. Don’t set out for the first trade-in value you can get your hands at.

Detailing your car is a must.

You need to make sure that your vehicle looks the best when it is standing in front of a dealer, estimating its trade-in value. The paint job and taking care of the dents and deformities of the car’s body is a must, and this is where detailing aspects of things kick in.

Clean your car from inside out, make sure that all the repairs are done and completed in plenty of time before you acquire a trade-in value for it. Another thing that you need to take care of is to have receipts of maintenance and repair with you while meeting with the broker so they can know that you really did take care of the vehicle. It gives you a nice upstanding in an ongoing negotiation.

Trade-in gurus—Ultimate car trade in-app

Trade-in gurus is an excellent app that will help you to maximize your car’s trade-in value. The process is relatively simpler, all you have to do is to take some pictures of your car and upload these with your VIN number, and it will be submitted to all the dealers of your choice. Before you know it, you will be getting hit with all sorts of trade-in-value numbers from these dealers.

Another great thing about this app is that you get instant access to the pre-auction deals, which means that certain vehicles that are subjected to the nearest auction are made available to you to bid for and get them cheaper rather than having their price pumped in an auction. You also get access to a vast inventory while sitting in your home and doing all the browsing on the app.

You can browse certain vehicles, get to know their current value in advance, and comparing these with your current vehicle to have an estimate around the trade-in value difference that you will have to pay for. You get all of this and more with this amazing app; it is like shopping for a new car while taking care of your present one from the comfort of your mobile phone; it doesn’t get any better than this.

Now you know how to get a better trade value on your car let’s take some action!

Best Way to Find Used Cars in Lexington, KY

Best Way to Find Used Cars in Lexington, KY

Just a little about best way to find used cars in Lexington, KY……

Want to sell your used car or want to trade it for a new one? Don’t know where to start and get the best deals without getting stuck in the loop of negotiations? You have finally found the right place to look for.


If you are here right now, you must be looking for a foolproof and easy way to find a used car in Lexington KY. Car trading or buying can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know what to look for and specifically, where to look for.


Stuck in the age-old ways of trading and buying cars, do you also feel the need for a technology that simplifies finding used cars in Lexington KY? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. In the current era of technological breakthroughs, there is an app for everything. Now you can bring the art of trading used cars to the tips of your fingers.


TradeInGurus is an app just for you if you are looking for an efficient way to buy and sell used cars in Lexington KY. You can maximize the dollars by just uploading the pictures of your trade and let the dealers compete for your trade. Now you don’t have to go check the market and visit dealers every day. With few simple steps, you are all good to go.


This app is best for you if you live in Lexington KY because this resourceful app is first launching in Lexington KY. Now you can trade your used cars without playing the exhausting game of guess-the-best price. It is also a great platform to find perfect used cars that make you feel in charge of the drive behind the wheels.


Available in Lexington KY, this app offers you a plethora of opportunities to trade used cars while having full control of what your trade can bring you. Now, you can say a forever bye to the aged and time-consuming means of trading used cars because TradeInGurus brings a new definition to the world of car trading.


So why should you trade cars on this app when you can do it the easy way?


What’s the Easy Way?

We answer this question with another question; what do you think is the easy way?


Just because it’s the most usual way to trade used cars, doesn’t mean it’s the most convenient way also. Does fussing over trading in with a dealer or selling privately deemed easy? No, it’s the most daunting and time-consuming task ever and can quickly transform into a nightmare.

If you are buying a new car, you have to fathom between negotiations and the endless battle of guessing the correct prices for your trade. You don’t know whether you should trade your used car with a dealer to buy a new one or sell it to a private party. If you are a new buyer, there is a fair chance that you will make mistakes while trading. And trust us; nobody likes to spend more than they should on buying or selling used cars.


Whether you are an inexperienced buyer or a car enthusiast, TradeInGurus is the perfect app to get the best deals and buyers for your trade with less effort and hustle.


So, ask yourself again, what is the easy way to trade cars? We are sure that your answer has changed.


Easy and Convenient Way to Wheel and Deal

From years of experience and being on the both buying and selling side of the trading world, the owners of this app know how to make trading used cars easier, quicker, and less time-consuming. The world has evolved and so have the methods of trading used cars. What people need is an easy and reliable way to sell and buy used cars without putting up with negotiating and still getting the best deals.


Through this app, you can get it all. From top-dollar deals for your trades to super-pre auction deals, its many features and innovative selling style make the app the best choice for all car enthusiasts and new-buyers alike.


Now your trade will be on your terms and on your time. Through this app, you can submit your trades to as many dealers as possible. In addition to this, you can search their inventory and direct message the decision-makers through the app.


Good News for the Lexington KY Car Traders

If you are a car enthusiast or a regular trader living in Lexington KY, this app is all you need. Since TradeInGurus is first launching in Lexington KY, you can benefit from this app on daily basis. If you have any experience in the car trading space, you will quickly realize that the features this app offers have revolutionized buying and selling of used cars.


Time-efficient, convenient, easy, and profitable; this app has all that you need to secure the best deals for your trades.


The process of using this app is quite easy. All you have to do is scan VIN and upload the pictures of your trade along with the related information directly from your smartphone or laptop. With just a few clicks, your trade will be submitted to the top dealers of your choice. And in no time, the dealers will be competing to trade with you.


Such apps and websites are always great options to sell your used cars privately without getting stuck in the relentless price guessing scenarios that will probably end up with you spending extra money on a deal.


It really doesn’t matter whether you have years of experience in the traditional car-trading and selling world or not, selling and buying used cars through this app is nothing but a swish of your fingers. With evolving technology, the old methods of trading cars are also changing.


If you live in Lexington KY, then you don’t have to worry about finding the best way to sell and buy a used car and get the best dealers for your trades because all you have to do is download this app.

6 Tips For Trading In Your Car – Get The Deal You Want

6 Tips For Trading In Your Car – Get The Deal You Want

These aren’t just your basic 6 tips for trading in your car, this is a guide to land the best deal possible with your trade. Your time is important to you and so it is to any car dealership, or at least should be.

Let’s face it, The process of trading in your vehicle is usually dreaded and not the most positive experience the majority of the time. This is just one of the main reasons the Trade In Gurus App was created.

The goal for this app is to Change the Auto industry in a very positive way while giving the consumer a better way of trading in their vehicle.

So I couldn’t begin to give you the 6 tips for trading in your car without mentioning the most effective and innovative tool you could possibly utilize to get the best deal possible.


1. Separate the Trade and Purchase Negotiations

Probably the strongest tip in this article giving you the best leverage over all by separating the trade negotiation from the initial negotiation. This is where the Trade In Gurus app comes in to be very resourceful.

It gives you more options by flipping your advantage and giving you the leverage you need to find the best deal possible with your trade. Most people drive their trade to the dealership with no sort of preparation more than likely leaving money on the table.

2. Evaluate Your Trade

So many people just go at trading their vehicle blindly and either not receiving the best offer or ask way more than the value of the trade. Having better knowledge about the worth of your trade in is crucial to the leverage you will have when bargaining.

There are quit a few websites to punch in your cars details to have a good estimate for your vehicle. Make sure you fill it out as precise as you can to match your car description including correct year, miles, trim line, options, and condition to have the most accurate estimate.

Kelly Blue-book’s website is probably the most well known and popular place

to evaluate your trade. Just to have a more pinpointed estimate you could use a combination of various sites that give you this type of information.

Either way, evaluating your trade properly is just good procedure and can give you more options as well.

3. Chose From Multiple Offers

Too many time we want to just drive to the first dealership we find and say, “Here’s my trade. Let’s make a deal.” In doing so we loose  with the negotiation leverage.

You will hear me repeat about maintaining leverage any way possible. This is also an awesome way to utilize the Trade In Gurus App and use it for your advantage.

Submitting your trade to as many dealerships as you would like is a breeze with this app making the value of your trade work for you instead of the apposite.

4. Prepare Your Car

Preparing your car for the trading process is probably the most important part of trading and getting the best deal possible. I know you don’t normally give a car your about to trad in a brand new paint job, however touching up paint dings along with something as simple as having scratches buffed out can go a long way in the eyes of your trade appraiser.

Cleaning and having it detailed is among these tips and something I would not leave out because it not only can help you gain a better trade deal, but makes the initial car swapping process easier for you.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping this step because it usually easy and highly beneficial so try not to overlook this one.

5. Receipts For Repairs

Another crucial part of the process is having all the receipts for any repairs, enhancements, and documents such as warranty or special documents that relate to the vehicle.

An up-kept vehicle say a lot for resale and gives more value to the vehicle all around. Anything that could help with the validation of the up-keep will help you with the negotiation leaning to your favor.

This tip will back you up with your knowledge of correct repairs and timely service on the vehicle.

6.Negotiate With The Decision Maker

Another great tip would be to always negotiate with the exact person who is the final decision maker.

This always seem to get your voice heard loud and clear all the while speeding up the process as well because we all know time is important to both parties.

Speaking and dealing with the main decision maker is important during the negotiation of the trade as well as the initial negotiation.

With the Trade In Gurus app the trade negotiation is already established and there should be no problem reaching your decision with this portion of the deal.

More About The Trade In Gurus App

With technology excelling every day we are always improving the way things are done. That’s why The Trade In Gurus app is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone looking to trade in a car.

Having the ability to choose the best offer for your trade gives you not only better and more options but is such a value that you don’t want to miss such an opportunity.

After you download the Trade In Gurus app the options for submitting and choosing where you trade your vehicle are right in the palm of your hands. The user friendly navigation of the app make it a breeze to search for a vehicle to purchase while weighing your trade options.

So this isn’t one of the official 6 tips for trading in your car but it can be the most useful tip especially if you want to flip to the advantage that gives you the leverage you need in searching for the best deal you could possibly get out of your trade.

Be prepared for anything and everything by fallowing these powerful 5 tips for trading in your car and get the deal YOU want.